Soul retrieval

Our soul chooses this life to have experiences. Soms fine and others painfull. For the soul all experiences are equal. - Nevali


In every life time our soul makes a new journey and during these journeys, we as humans have experiences. Soms are traumatic and painfull. Every time you experience something like that and you don't known how tot deal with it, you leave a fragment of yourself behind. We turn away from this experience and it ends up in our subconscious mind. In this way we leave soul fragments of ourselves behind at the the time of the experience.


Patterns, blocks, and inner beliefs about who you are and what you are worth or deserve originate here. You sometimes hear other people say "as a child I was always so cheerful, curious and full of zest for life", they know and feel it is a part of them, only they have no longer access to it. Others  wonder "Why do I go through the same thing every time, i've tried it so many ways and i can't change?


The quest within them begins and the desire to be free and whole again awakens. The experiences stored in the subconscious mind can be from this life as an adult, child/baby and alsof from previous lives.



Before the session I consult the spirits what is important to know. During the session you can sit/ lie down comfortably and then I tune into your energetic field. When I feel it is time, I Will start singing. I sing the sounds of your soul. It gives me information about the part of your life, where you have had a traumatic experience and left a soul fragment behind.


I share what I see and take you into the picture. I consult with the fragment to understand the pain and how it affects your life. We collect the fragment to integrate it into the person you are now.. Then I will bring you back to the present.


The effect can be felt instantly by soms people and in others, the full integration can take place over a longer time, up to several months. Sometimes multiple session are needed to integrate different soul fragments.


Costs: E95 for 90 min.

Location: Hillegomstraat 12 Amsterdam or online through Zoom

Appointment: via 06_14421554 or Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.