Sound healing


Sound is the first thing we experience in the womb of our mother and the last thing we hear. Sound is vibration and we humans are mostly made up out of water. The vibration of sound is like the rippling of water. A strong center that fades out softly. This is how sound moves through our body. 

During a Paqo initiation sound made itself known to me. On the background, I heard a dog barking, it  was like someone slowed down the barking,so I could hear all the soundvibrations it was made of. The spirits told me, in the inbetween frequencies of the sound, pain, emotions and memories are stored.Vibrations of the heart make them leave the body.


In a sound healing session, I tune into your heart/your soul, and I just led the words and sounds come out of my own heart. These words and sounds can initiate deep healing and bring old memories to the surface. Where they can fade out like the rippling of water. The words and sounds are different for every person. I call the sounds the voices of the heart, the language of the soul.

Location: in the practice or online through Zoom

Costs: E85,-