Nathalie Janssen

nathalie bwMy background in psychology has awakened my interest in the development and awareness of the individual. It was whilst traveling through India that I first experienced the power of Ayurvedic massage and enjoyed its relaxing effects for myself. I felt energetic and totally uplifted; an eye opening experience that left me wanting to know more about this special technique.

Through an Indian couple with an Ayurvedic practice in Goa, I learned the techniques of the relaxing massage (Abhyanga), face massage and the oil anointment for the forehead (Shirodhara). On my return to the Netherlands, I have further immersed myself in learning and practicing these techniques.

For many years I have been interested in awareness, yoga and meditation and followed courses on these subjects from which I have learned to turn my own awareness into practicing a gentler, every day life. It gave me the inner quiet and relaxation that I had been looking for for so long.

Personal coaching, massage, yoga and mediation have not only shaped my own path, it has also showed me something that I wanted others to experience. For this reason I opened my own practice in 2010, to be able to introduce people, in their own way, to awareness, healing massage techniques and the effects of yoga and mediation.


Training and courses completed

  • Ayurvedic body massage, facial massage and Shirodhara, Goa India.
  • Intuitive painting, Ori, Dharamsala India.
  • Indian Head Massage, Solar Plexus Training, Amersfoort.
  • Ayurvedic abdominal massage, Massage in Motion, Alphen a/d Rijn.
  • Classical massage with anatomy, Solar Plexus Training, Amersfoort.
  • Hara (abdomen) massage, Tina Aleksandra from Harahealing, India.
  • Workshop Thai yoga massage, Thai Hand Amsterdam.
  • Spa sponge / mini Hammam massage, Massage parlor dolphin, Zwolle.
  • Massaging without hands Rustpunt massage, Arnhem.
  • Shiatsu & Ayurveda massage, Ganga Hoogendoorn, Amsterdam.
  • Womb Awakening, Fountain of Life, Amsterdam.
  • Lunar Blood Wimb Awakening, Fountain of Life, Amsterdam.
  • Hatun Karpay, 1st initiation Munay Karpay Shiva's Secret, Amsterdam.
  • Hatun Karpay, 2 initiation Munay Yachay, Shiva's Secret, Amsterdam.
  • Model drawing and painting, Peter Eurlings, Amsterdam.
  • Vipassana meditation, Dhama, Brazil.
  • Dru meditation and yoga, Dru, Driebergen.
  • Psychology, University of Amsterdam.
  • Personal Coach Training, Move a Mountain in Meppel.
  • Art therapy, Civas, Haarlem.
  • Yoga teacher training Transformative Yoga, Sai Mitra, Amsterdam.
  • Kundalini Yoga workshop, It’s just Yoga, Amsterdam.
  • Yoga and Reiki workshop, Yoga Trail, Amsterdam.
  • Trauma Sensitive Yoga workshop, Trauma Center, Kopenhagen Denemarken.
  • Tension Release workshop, Yogalab, Amsterdam.
  • Yoga on the chair, Stoelyoga Nederland, Hoofddorp.
  • Training Voice Liberation, Jan-Hendrik Veenkamp, Haarlem.