Personal Coaching

During personal coaching, we focus on your inner growth and development as a person, your talents and the possibilities open to you. I (Nathalie) invite and inspire you to open up and expand your consciousness. Together we will investigate how you can interact openly with the multitude of people around you. As a coach, I work with transfer of experiences of your past that shape and influence your present. Experiences and convictions that you project on new situations in your life. We will explore how these prevent you from interacting with people in an open and natural way. Personal coaching aims to open the mind and to inspire in you a way of life in which you release past experience and convictions. A life in which you hold the key to your own opportunities, can react (more) freely and without pre-determined convictions and conceptions.

During a coaching session, I make use of both spiritual and Buddhist psychology. Spiritual Psychology invites you to be with the present without trying to escape. We will explore which techniques you use to escape reality. We don't want to make an improved version of you. I like to invite you to be who you really are. Buddhist psychology focuses on introspection (= self-examination) exploring your inner world with the aim to get to know yourself better. It gives you insight into your thoughts and your feelings. How you think about yourself, what words and what behavior patterns you use. It gives you the ability to view your inner processes. Who you are is not determined by the external world or events in your life. You are the one who can choose not to be at the mercy of your emotions or thoughts. The techniques of Buddhist psychology supports you in this process of self-examination.

I may also use a ‘transformation game’ that uses images and stories that may help you to clarify the questions you pose yourself and the situation in which you are now. With this transformation game, your questions, your convictions and your dilemmas will be unwound on four levels: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The symbolism of these images, surroundings, artefacts and people will provide you insight into your present. They will bring you into contact with your past, present and future. Where you have been, where you are now, and where it is that you want to go.


Call for a complimentary first meeting of 30 minutes.


Personal coaching session of 60 minutes (€75), 90 minutes (€100) and 120 minuten (€140).



Interested in a appointment send at email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you will have an reply in 24u.

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